IIS begins with developing a clear understanding of the user community needs recognizing that web sites can be both powerful operational tools and communication mechanisms. IIS’ web methodology includes wire framing, graphical design, information architecture, and content management. We deliver aesthetically pleasing and intuitive sites that are compliant with 508 accessibility standards.

IIS understands the modernization direction that the federal agencies seek to pursue in this digital age. We strive to be a leader and also a helper to agencies in the forward-looking strategy to create a modern, unified infrastructure, and the application of modern technology capabilities through our Web Design and Development support services. Our approach with this effort conveys that all business objectives and expectations are met with solutions of the highest quality while providing exceptional customer service and mission support.

As there are risks associated in orchestrating with diverse infrastructure, technologies, tools, data types, and compliance requirements on supporting agency/customer websites, it is necessary to have complete understanding of disparate infrastructure to avoid operational problems. Having served at various federal agencies brings IIS a demonstrated understanding of potential challenges, procedures, as well as their mission to successfully mitigate any challenges and risks associated with understanding of current environment and constraints.

Our agility helps us aggressively tackle any programmatic obstacles and to focus on transparent-driven communication with our clients to foster long-term healthy relationship. IIS’ work involves production design support for the content and creation of websites for agencies, matching their needs in the website design area. We provide design support for the content based on the requirements provided by internal customer’s business groups. We work within all web-based and the development environments involving Perl, CGI, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Apache Server, Adobe Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Adobe CS Suite, Teamsite, TestDirector, Drupal, DND, SiteCore, J2EE, WebSphere, UNIX, and PVCS VersionManager.

Whether the requirement is to be delivered as Web pages, social media or mobile devices, our interactive design practice helps our customers better leverage these channels in innovative ways. Our goal is to help agencies improve efficiency, enforce consistency, and provide a better user experience.


Digital Strategy and Advisory Services

Combining our global expertise with domain and technology-specific insights, we help agencies optimize and enhance the user experience across all online channels. Our service offerings include:

  • Digital strategy for innovation
  • Trend analysis and benchmarking
  • Competitive benchmarking and best practices audit
  • Rapid visualization workshops

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Our portfolio includes marketing analytics using top tools such as Web Trends, Core Metrics and Hit Box. We also offer metrics measurement and customer experience solutions for the web, mobile and social channels.

Digital Production and Support

Our production solutions help agencies offload web maintenance and support activities for better operational efficiencies, improved productivity, and lower costs. Service offerings include:

  • Production support for creative assets such as images and interactive banners
  • HTML and front-end programming support
  • Digital channel management support with content updates
  • Policy implementation for creating and reusing digital asset

Multichannel Experience Design

Design and development solutions include portal design, site refresh, and enhancement programs based on KPI-led analysis. Our services include:

  • Channel design and refresh services
  • Channel extensions and responsive Web design
  • Multiple stakeholder portal projects
  • Accessibility and compliance

User Experience Design for Enterprise Applications

User experience design plays a critical role in the success of any application but skilled resources are hard to find. At IIS, our experienced interactive design team offers user experience design both as a standalone service and as a resource to augment agencies existing design pool.

  • Use our skills as needed and leverage IIS’ repository of best practices, processes, and templates
  • Better align business processes with agency application workflow using our process-centered design approach. This helps teams design software UIs where ease of use and improved productivity are priorities, including enterprise products such as PEGA, PeopleSoft, and others