In today’s digital world, rise in client awareness and expectations are posing challenges for service providers. To capture client mindshare in a digital world, service providers must transition to advanced value-added services including but not limited to entertainment, finance, education, and health. Also, they must provide best-in-class customer experience to reduce churn and maximize average revenue per user, while dealing with rise in cost and time to deploy infrastructure. At the same time, technology is a key enabler for driving operational improvements that cut costs, generate competitive advantages, improve regulatory compliance, increase security, and drive the effective response to climate change and extreme weather.

IIS focuses on leveraging our expertise in being the automation and digitization resource for companies in the utility and communications sector. We combine a thorough understanding of the marketplace with an improved approach to develop incremental, cost-justified solutions – and align them with market requirements.

At IIS, we offer services that are strategically equipped to respond to these trends and challenges. Our services help clients to:

  • Quickly introduce new services
  • Execute complex systems integration projects
  • Test, develop, and migrate services
  • Develop solutions and frameworks that enable next generation services with applications built in our solutions lab
  • Conduct effective customer segmentation and campaign management

Our all-inclusive suite of services designed for the customer segment help cut down operating costs without compromising service quality. Simply put, we help clients capture the potential of next generation networks with strategic solutions.