Across the global landscape, citizens and businesses demand faster and more personalized service. They expect transparent, open communications with government officials and real-time decision-making. Integrated service and virtual communications – from anywhere, to anywhere – are becoming the norm. These changes warrant integration of processes, data, and organizations. Revenue department employees need the information, training, skills, and assets to perform in-depth analysis and respond to complex questions. Knowledge now represents an essential asset. To encourage compliance and ensure revenue collection in this new environment, tax departments need to address the following four trends:

  • Encourage voluntary compliance through knowledge
  • Become customer-centric
  • Integrate throughout government departments
  • Collaborate seamlessly with the private sector

IIS’ focused offerings for tax and revenue agencies include:

  • Industry-leading, web-enabled case management solutions for collections, recovery and decision management
  • Innovative and modern service-oriented systems with data-driven architectures to support taxpayer identification and registration, returns processing and taxpayer and revenue accounting, integration and collaboration between departments
  • Experience in assisting government detect under-reporting, combat fraud and implement sophisticated, comprehensive audit solutions
  • Professional advisory services completed by true specialists to provide strategic vision and planning, operational assessments, business case development, business process renewal and change management