Success Stories

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Office of Pesticide Programs of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is charged with developing Pesticide Registration Information System (PRISM) to consolidate OPP’s proprietary information and provide new, efficient means of collection data and managing it. To support these efforts, Impact Innovations Systems, Inc. (IIS) worked with OPP to provide software design, development, testing, implementation, documentation, and training services to successfully deliver Application Development and Documentum maintenance services.

OPP stores its documents and information in a variety of stovepipe systems scattered throughout its divisions. In order to support the goal of the PRISM to consolidate proprietary information and provide new and efficient means for data collection and managing it, IIS developed the systems that are integrated under the PRISM umbrella. Through our successful efforts, and with our ability to meet or exceed customer satisfaction, IIS won multiple task orders to support:

  • e-Submission Phase II Development and Implementation
  • e-Submission XML Support
  • Registration Review Development and Implementation
  • Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) Development & Implementation
  • Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act- Initial Operation Capability
  • Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act-Design, Development and Implementation
  • Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act Requirements Analysis

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Electronic Document Control System (EDCS), a document management, imaging, and workflow system was developed to manage the Quality Management System (QMS), warning letters, acknowledgement letters and the complete regulatory packages for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA). The EDCS encompasses the entire life cycle of regulatory documents from their preparation through to their distribution and release to all FDA users and its regulating industries. To support FDA/ORA’s primary objectives, IIS:

  • Developed an electronic information system for the management of documents using Documentum, an enterprise content management platform
  • Provided a centralized and standardized repository for all ORA units to develop, share and maintain all QMS and regulatory documents
  • Reduced the time and effort required to manage and deliver QMS documents by implementing a system to control document creation and publishing enterprise-wide
  • Our solution envisioned to provide the ability to route documents through an approval process (workflow), monitor the status of documents, and maintain versioning history
  • Implemented a simple and easy to use system that supported capture and maintenance of letters and legal documents
  • Improved the sharing of information and knowledge across various user groups and public (FOIA), reducing replication of information and the work involved producing it

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Citizenship, and Immigration Services (USCIS) uses Systems Engineering Division, Scan on Demand Application (SODA) to scan documents on demand at the National Records Center. USCIS has standardized Captiva as the platform of choice for this application and the solution is architected, established, implemented, and been in production for approximately 8 years. IIS provided support for end user driven requirements elicitation, design, user interface prototyping and development, business layer development, validation and production of user interface development templates and user interfaces. IIS provided the required labor mix to provide USCIS professional information technology (IT) services to support the full lifecycle for the SODA application to perform: Contractor Project Management, Production Support, Software Development/Enhancements, Test and Evaluation, Security Support, Change, Configuration and Release Management (CCRM), 508 Testing and Compliance, Operations support for production issues and referrals from the USCIS Help Desk, and Support for special reports and constant monitoring.

As a part of our upgrade strategy, IIS provided Captiva solution with a new hardware and Captiva software upgrade. The latest version of Captiva 7.x provided enhanced configuration options such as RDBMS usage, load balancing, updated OCR engines, and many others. We also developed workflow processes aligning with business practices to support the work at the National Records Center (NRC) and USCIS Genealogy Department. IIS also provided with an electronic communication method that provides standards for exchanging data interchange (EDI) through electronic means. We performed exchange of documents electronically through Record Management Systems (RMS) from transmitting originator to recipient via telecommunications and physically transported on electronic storage media. We provided an effective management framework to better manage and support upgrade efforts for an aggressive agile development schedule requiring constant collaboration and data interchange with all DHS components managing the nation’s transportation and homeland security.

IIS provided DHS with the best EDI standards in use today, including ANSI, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and ebXML with latest versions such as ANSI 5010 or EDIFACT version D12. IIS developed EDI to solve problems inherent in paper-based transaction processing and in other forms of electronic communication and that enabled the reengineering of information flows and business processes in lines with digital initiatives.


Department of Energy (DOE)

IIS provided operational support to Department of Energy (DOE) and performed complex technical and operational IT support work and led all routine technical and operational IT support. We performed help desk functions for simple to complex problems, including problem tracking, analysis, resolution, escalation, and coordination. We monitored, operated and enhanced complex DOE computers running on distinctive platforms, including mainframes, mid-range servers, and desktops, mobile devices, and communication systems, on-site and remote. IIS developed, designed, and implemented problem solutions, using standard analysis techniques, and documented eventual solutions. We provided technical assistance to users, communicated with DOE users and technical staff to determine and communicate needs, recommended interfaces, and assisted technical staff in providing estimates, reduced costs associated with additional user base and provided enhancements of systems within the same period of performance saving the DOE time. IIS provided benefits including comprehensive service coverage by introducing ITSM; honed service request life-cycle and tracking, streamlined communications by applying COTS, and provided means of optimal resource use.

IIS provided IT Training support for SharePoint 2007, PHP, and Drupal implementation for the Department of Energy (DOE). We provided end-user training for system enhancements and upgrades to all users across our customers’ enterprise. Through our training support, IIS ensured service continuity, proactive issue management, and lowered travel and training costs. IIS evaluated, trained, and improved training methodology using eLearning portal, supported knowledge transfers during transition, and provided online, self-paced, and computer-based virtual and classroom trainings.


New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)

New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) standardized Captiva as the platform of choice for input/scan management of documents. IIS provided experienced personnel to manage the Captiva Upgrade Implementation Services to conduct Captiva upgrade planning and derive the overall approach with necessary tactical assistance for establishing the Captiva environment (e.g. VM server architecture recommendations), install and configure various Captiva 7.1 components and scale-server architecture in the NYSDOH’s three (3) environments: Development, Quality Assurance, and Production. We performed analysis of the existing fifty-eight (58) document capture processes, and revamped the fifty-eight (58) processes to gain optimal performance, stable routing of batches, and error handling.

IIS also created custom e-forms and templates based on the record types utilized by NYSDOH users within the Database System that comprises solutions for life skills, adult care facilities, nursing homes, school based health centers and home care and hospice for people of New York State. The Health Form Processing/Filing Workflows required creating intuitive and easy-to-use e-forms and paper-based forms of patient records implementing complex data validation rules. Our e-Forms Solution utilized a custom web application portal to create, view, and edit electronic forms which are stored in NYSDOH’s records repository as PDF documents. IIS implemented a paper-based forms solution to take advantage of an imaging system to scan, classify, validate, and edit documents, which then can be exported as PDF documents and stored in the same repository as the e-forms. We helped the NYSDOH saving several hundreds of Dollars by eliminating paper work, and storage space by implementing automation of imaging. Our solution allowed NYSDOH users in each site to quickly search and retrieve relevant student as well as medical records utilizing simple keyword operation. Subsequently, IIS provided the both user-training and end-user support.


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) was created by an interstate compact in 1967 to plan, develop, build, finance, and operate a balanced regional transportation system in the national capital area. As WMATA continues to look for ways to improve its operations and better serve the public, the Agency is developing 7K Series Rail Cars. WMATA has partnered with Kawasaki to build the new 7K Series rail cars. IIS successfully provided Technical Support Services to WMATA delivering reliable and secure software application development, systems integration, knowledge management, CIO support and critical infrastructure and information assurance. IIS was instrumental in providing a fully integrated team with expertise and knowledge to support WMATA.

Kawasaki has user base of 800 end users spread around Japan and Germany. As these users were provided access to the information to provide collaborative analysis, data latency became an issue. IIS designed and implemented cross domain solutions to provide near real-time dissemination of information to all domains improving the quality of the user’s analysis while simultaneously decreasing time to provide results.

IIS provided support services in accordance with guidelines and procedures of WMATA and worked in conjunction with the Help Desk International Institute training standards.  IIS’ Support Division continuously maintained a 100% resolution rate while resolving most problems and completed trainings for its personnel to meet the evolving needs of its client. IIS personnel resolved over 1,500 tickets per month, 90% within the first 24 hours, with most receiving resolution during their “first call.” Customer satisfaction has been graded at a 97.7% of good to excellent satisfaction.

IIS’ web-based application won the Northern Virginia Technology Counsel’s (NVTC) award for Social Media Application of the year for FY 2012. We helped WMATA achieve improved communication and collaboration, user friendly document management system deployment, engineering response content quality, enhanced the engineering assignment accuracy and response timing.


EMC2 Corporation

For EMC, IIS effectively executed 50+ multiple concurrent task orders using our ISO 9001:2008 – complaint Quality Management System while delivering continuous improvement with CMMI ML3 practices. All task orders are planned, executed, and monitored to remain on schedule and within budget. For all task orders, we provide TOMPs, including WBS, monitoring schedules and budget profiles, independent Quality Assurance reviews, following EMC’s Configuration Management (CM) Plans and procedures, conducting systematic Risk Management, and report performance, cost and schedule status to corporate management. IIS’ comprehensive task order management provides a design to foster communication and intergroup coordination, ensuring responsiveness and total accountability and providing maximum performance for the entire life of the Master IT Support Services contract. Through successful task order management with CMMI, ITIL and ISO standards, our consultants ensure effective direction, control, and Task Order goals are consistently met including responsiveness, use of innovation, visibility into management, quality control and Earned Value Management. We develop standards to simplify and reduce coordination and communications problems inherent in SDLC efforts. We define clear procedures/standards and communicating to team members ensuring successful project execution. We analyze technology issues, develop options, and recommend cost effective technical/functional solutions.

IIS earned many awards including EMC’s recognition which named IIS as the “Number 1 Consulting Preferred Partner Program (C3P) Global Award by EMC for three consecutive years – FY 2011, FY 2012, and FY 2013.” This achievement was the result of IIS delivering most of the EMC projects, globally, on time and providing uncompromised quality standards adhering to EMC’s enterprise standards.