Today’s citizens expect more of their governments—from anytime, anywhere information access and greater involvement in policy reforms to increased transparency and data privacy. State and local governments need modern, flexible IT solutions to streamline their business processes and support agency specific demands. Ever-present budget pressures also calls for proven ways to increase revenues and improve efficiency through both quick wins and long-term improvements that balance visions with financial realities.

IIS worked with state, and local governments to improve citizen services, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Through our partnership, agencies leveraged our domain and technical expertise, government-centric solutions, client-focused approach and creative delivery and funding alternatives. We offer focused public sector capabilities in health and human services, public safety and tax, revenue and collections. IIS provides citizen-centric solutions that use multiple channels to grow engagement and efficiency to maximize scarce resources. These include government-focused enterprise resource planning solutions, procurement, and e-purchasing to help our clients improve collections, recovery and decision management. IIS uses its domain knowledge from having worked with State and Local Governments to:

  • Deliver solutions across public safety, justice, human services, public health, and transportation
  • Enhance capabilities through transformation consulting, process design, change management, organization optimization, IT and business alignment, program management and planning, and human capital management
  • Create strategies to meet legislative and tax payer scrutiny
  • Areas we cover:
    • Digitization of Citizen Services
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Cloud
    • Application Development and Maintenance
    • IT Infrastructure Management
    • Independent Verification and Validation to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, project objectives are being met and efficient resource utilization