Changing justice and public safety through technology:

Today’s public safety forces are facing something of a dilemma. Their fundamental role in society has not changed; they must enforce the law and protect citizens as they always have done. Citizens’ expectations have also been driven up by the prevailing wind of accountability and discussion around high-profile cases in the media. A more proactive model requires changing processes and adopting new technology to focus a public safety forces’ time on tasks that have the greatest impact. This can be achieved in five key areas:

  • Informed prevention
  • Multi-agency working
  • Taking it mobile
  • Citizen-led policing
  • Fighting cybercrime

IIS’ integrated solutions help clients to adopt modern and efficient work practices to support crime prevention and community policing; crime detection and analysis; courts, prosecution and probation; judicial administration; and border management. Public safety forces and justice organizations partner with IIS for improved information management, both in real-time and through the networks linked with different government agencies. We apply our cyber and enterprise security proficiency to support our clients deliver multi-level secure systems and deploy innovative technology, to improve back-office efficiency and information accessibility. Supported by IIS, clients have taken substantial steps to transform their operations, increase citizen engagement, and ultimately create a safer society.