When it comes to delivering IT outsourcing services, IIS’ outcome-based model offers many advantages over models focused on cutting costs by using back-up personnel or labor arbitrage. Although such resource-based models appear to pay dividends in the short-term, chiefly in the form of unit rates, they lead to major declines in value for clients in the long term. In fact, these models are a disguised form of outsourcing without delivering the benefits that clients are entitled to expect, including the obligation to deliver results, continuous productivity optimization, preservation and protection of the client’s IT expertise and know-how, price-setting based on service level, and the protection of investments.

IIS’ outcome-based model is founded on the benefits it provides rather than the resource it involves.

Outcome-based service delivery

Depending on the nature of the agreement, IIS provides services conforming to predetermined service levels or deliverables at a fixed price and assume the associated risks, including risks related to changing resources needs. Clients entrust responsibility for service delivery to IIS, which puts pressure on us to find ways to constantly improve productivity and provide the best services at competitive prices, all while maintaining predetermined service levels.

Outcome-based Services

With IIS, clients receive outcome0based services and the full range of IT outsourcing benefits. Our services offer clients the following advantages:

  • Predetermined results and predictable costs
  • Preservation of the client’s IT knowledge and expertise
  • Protection of the client’s IT investments
  • Short, medium and long-term savings adapted to changing client needs
  • Use of methodologies, tools and processes to respect performance commitments and deliver cost controls and continual productivity improvements
  • Operational excellence through the use of best practices, regularly reviewed to ensure their long-term applicability
  • Commitment to provide high-quality services aligned with predetermined service levels and prices
  • Risk mitigation