As Opensource adoption in Global market is increasing, enterprises are under immense pressure to reduce costs and gain competitive edge by creating differentiation in the global market. As agencies aspire to have a Cloud ready environment in this space, Opensource Cloud Platforms like Openstack and Cloudstack are gaining acceptance. Key trigger points for Opensource adoption include greater flexibility, open standards, competitive advantage, next-generation ecosystem readiness, lower total cost of ownership and emerging technology.

IIS’ Opensource team offers enterprise-class Opensource solutions to agencies in the areas of Opensource cloud solutions, OS Replatforming, PostgreSQL DB, software defined storage, and virtualization. We bring a wide SI experience in implementing Opensource solutions supported by strong OEM ecosystem, and also bring:

  • SI expertise on deploying Opensource platform for Clients across the nation
  • Extensive experience of re-platforming
  • Experienced and dedicated teams across all levels – consultants to service engineers
  • Skilled resources experienced in implementation and fine tuning of Opensource solutions ranging from Software Define Storage, Linux, Opensource DB to Openstack/Cloudstack solutions
  • Best of breed Opensource partner alignment across technology areas

IIS invested in building up an Opensource practice with expertise in delivering end-to-end, state-of-the-art solutions in IT infrastructure environments. Through extensive experience and constant innovation, IIS’ Opensource practice offers cost-effective, enterprise-ready, reliable, secure, and scalable solution built around Opensource platforms. Our Opensource offerings:

  • Cloud Solution
    • IIS’ Opensource Cloud solution is a cloud computing solution catering to the enterprise need of hybrid model of cloud computing by leveraging both public and private cloud. Our cloud solution differentiators include ability to manage both cloud style and non-cloud style traditional enterprise workloads and ability to leverage one repository of deployment scripts to deploy applications on multiple cloud environments
  • Unix to Linux
    • IIS successfully carried out re-platforming from Unix to Linux in large enterprises through its years of experience in providing mission-critical systems to some of the largest organizations, understanding the risks and concerns of an organization looking to move their critical systems to a new platform
  • Virtualization
    • IIS successfully migrated production instances to Opensource Virtualization solutions in enterprises in a phased manner allowing coexistence of multiple hypervisors, managing them from a single console
  • Database Migration
    • IIS’ Opensource Practice proposes a well-defined process and framework to customers for database migration from proprietary database to Opensource DB leveraging Opensource tools to assess customer DB landscape and provide a blueprint to emphasize possible risk free DB migration in controlled manner with post migration support ensuring business agility and continuous improvement process
    • DB Landscape Assessment and Due Diligence
    • Transformation based on Predictability in Demand/Supply
    • Best-in-class service to achieve database robustness
    • Transparency and Leverage Standard Migration Process
    • Transform DB Landscape/Migrate workload to Opensource Database
  • Storage/Back-up and Archival
    • IIS’ Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution enables clients to transform their storage infrastructure to software defined and cloud ready infra. IIS enhances flexibility, agility, and dramatically reduces cost of clients’ IT infrastructure
    • IIS successfully implemented Software Defined Storage for clietns across large enterprise leveraging Opensource Practice
    • Experienced and dedicated team – from service engineers to consultants
    • Pool of skilled resources with years of experience in implementation of Opensource solutions