IIS provides IT Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support services with a customer-focused service delivery model based upon ITSM principles with a range of engineering, operations, and technical support services to deliver efficient, performance-based contracts that leverages an optimized skill mix for core services, augmented by a proven, agile, just-in-time approach to the provision of surge support and subject matter expert (SME) capabilities. IIS establishes and delivers the processes, procedures, communication channels, risk management strategies, and performance monitoring capabilities necessary to successfully operate, support, maintain, and enhance the IT support services based on Government’s requirements within the agreed-upon timeframes. IIS places special emphasis on identifying and implementing methods for sustained efficiencies and cost savings.

IIS’ Software operations and maintenance is an end-to-end service provided for customer product or application service. Our operation and maintenance activity extends to support and optimization activity to ensure the product or service is fully functional and optimal until the life of the system. IIS has demonstrated the ability to administer all technical infrastructure platforms, including all server types, messaging systems, remote access systems, business application platforms, active directory services, backup and storage systems and data repositories to ensure maximum effectiveness in daily operation.

IIS’ tailored ITIL-based best practices business model provides cost effective operational stability, enterprise IT monitoring, and reliable service delivery to support the client’s business, user, and operational environments. This model enables our clients to improve operating efficiencies through enhanced technologies, consolidated networks and services, and maximize results while reducing the client’s IT footprint. IIS leverages its experience gained from delivering O&M support on various IT Support Services contracts, providing federal agencies with a stable, modern, and robust network operations center in compliance with all Federal regulations, Executive Directives, client’s policies/practices.

Comprehensive IT Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is a particular strength of IIS and we currently support agencies and clients whose primary missions include healthcare service delivery and biomedical and healthcare research, and who require COTS, operational support, resource management, configuration management, data quality management, IT operations and maintenance (hardware (HW), networking, mainframe, client/server, web server, cloud computing, and data center support) and software upgrades. IIS’ systematic approach is based on leveraging our many years of experience in implementing successful IT O&M projects for federal civilian, state, and local and Fortune 500 clients.

IIS consistently uses the right resources (people, processes, and tools and technologies) to achieve optimal outcomes and reduce or mitigate risks for all of our customers. We collaborate with our client’s infrastructure stakeholders to clarify, document and conform all of their requirements and performance criteria, and we also implement IT strategies and plans to satisfy client’s needs. We apply current Federal, Departmental, and industry standards and best practices to all tasks involved in operating and maintaining our customers’ IT infrastructure. These include ITIL for IT Service Management (ITSM); FEA Performance (PRM), Service (SRM), and Technology (TRM) Reference Models; ISO standards for quality management; and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for project management of IT services contracts. We employ various performance measurement and improvement techniques to the customer’s infrastructure for improved mission outcomes and enhanced productivity. We ensure optimum infrastructure use, and support emerging technology evolution and innovation within the existing infrastructure through maintaining skill, and ensuring consistent IT support for the business processes.

IIS’ operations & maintenance solution offers comprehensive capabilities for:

Operational Support

IIS provides operational support to its federal clients to build the workflow templates and forms based on the requirements of the client and performs complex technical and operational IT support work and leads all routine technical and operational IT support. We support help desk functions from simple to complex problems, including problem tracking, analysis, resolution, escalation, and coordination. We monitor, operate and enhance complex client computers running on distinctive platforms, including mainframes, mid-range servers, and desktops, mobile devices, and communication systems, on-site and remote. IIS develops, designs, and implements problem solutions, using standard analysis techniques, and documented eventual solutions.

IIS provides technical assistance to users, communicates with client’s users and technical staff to determine and communicate needs, recommends interfaces, and assists technical staff in providing estimates, reduce costs associated with additional user base and provides enhancements of systems within the same period of performance saving the client’s time.

Software Maintenance and Upgrades

IIS provides software maintenance services to a wide range of customers. Our software maintenance include Microsoft, Oracle, Java, EMC Documentum, EMC Captiva, Alfresco, ServiceNow, and Open Source softwares. We constantly upgrade software using a patch management approach. We install, administer, maintain and upgrade operating systems. We configure and maintain Oracle-based and Web-based applications.

By applying Agile methodology, IIS analyzes, researches, and tests changes in operating systems and system software on multiple servers for compatibility, performance, and capabilities in operational functions, and deploys new and enhanced system applications into live environment. This helps the clients save time to deploy the applications within the agreed time.

Configuration Management

IIS provides SMEs with expertise and certification in the CMMI Maturity Level 3 Configuration Management processes. Our CM team interfaces with the application development groups during all gates of the client’s system development lifecycle (SDLC) process. We analyze incoming Configuration Change Requests to determine whether they are within the scope of developed software (SW) CCB, update the CCR status using Rational Clear Quest, notify impacted parties concerning disposition of a change request, track SW development action items, report status to all stakeholders, track CIs as they move through the change approval process, coordinate with all Managers throughout all contractor locations and perform auditing and status accounting activities.

Resource Management

IIS provides IT Resource Management (RM) services including company, team, and third party resources on all engagements for our clients. IIS uses ITSM standards and processes to provide improved resource management and helps client to offer more effective service delivery and service relationship management to their clients. With a fact-based approach to manage client’s IT infrastructure, our IT RM delivers the utilization, availability and performance information required to know and forecast IT resource needs.

IIS’ IT RM provides analysis, monitoring, and anticipating the utilization and performance of the IT infrastructure by providing an enterprise-wide view of IT services and resources of client. We help deliver information on multiple contractor performance using a single dashboard using cost-effective methods while demonstrating measurable value to the client. We identify stovepipes and address poor delivery service, help reduce personnel, facilities, hardware, and general IT operating costs.

IT Operation and Maintenance Planning

IIS provides IT Operations and Maintenance Planning for our clients to create a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan with an organized approach that simplifies the agency’s O&M processes. We deliver a complete preventive maintenance plan along with Program Management Plan specific to client’s requirements which comprise of over 10000 users across their operations. Our maintenance plan phase involves formulating the data structure for the maintenance of client’s applications. We develop dashboards along with associated attribute collections and then custom-develop the maintenance plan. We provide a comprehensive plan for standardized maintenance task lists, frequencies, time standards, safety notes, and training guides.