While companies are under pressure to increase competitiveness and governments to improve service delivery through newer technologies, most are not in a position to abandon their existing legacy applications. Legacy applications are essential to their operations and represent millions of dollars in investment. At the same time, however, legacy applications are costly to maintain and often lack the flexibility to meet the changing market demands.

IIS understands the need for organizations to make the most of their legacy systems while taking advantage of newer technologies. Through legacy application modernization services, we work with clients to transform, rather than replace, their existing applications to reduce their cost of ownership and fulfill their strategic objectives.

Benefits of Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization enables companies to achieve the advantages of new development without the cost and risk of replacing their legacy systems. Benefits clients gained through IIS’ legacy application modernization services include:

  • Reduced mainframe platform costs
  • Preserved legacy business rules
  • Expanded network of technology resources, eliminating dependencies on legacy resources
  • Leveraged new technology without starting from scratch
  • Enhanced use and value of existing IT assets
  • Improved performance and reliability

Features of IIS’ Legacy Application Modernization Services

We have a decade of experience in transforming legacy application of large organizations across the Country. Key advantages of our legacy application modernization services include the following:

  • Proven modernization strategies, methodologies, techniques, and tools
  • Comprehensive global delivery model designed to shorten delivery timeframes and reduce costs
  • Highly-skilled experts with significant experience in overseeing large-scale application modernization projects
  • Wide range of modernization options and approaches
  • Access to a wide partner network and full objectivity in recommending partners and technologies
  • Network and access to experts in clients’ specific business, technical and functional domains
  • Benefits from IIS’ quality assurance and testing center of excellence
  • 24×7 service and support