Nowhere is the intersection of sound public policy and fiscal reality more dramatic than in government healthcare. The scope of government healthcare makes it easy prey for errors, inefficiency, and waste. In the public sector, government agencies can function as healthcare providers and prayers. They also frequently possess information that other public or private sector entities need to deliver health services. Recipients of government health services may be ordinary citizens or members of a particular category such as prisoners, active military personnel, veterans, recipients of public assistance, or civilian government employees. Individuals within these populations are frequently much more mobile than their health records, which increases the complexity of the government health sciences delivery. It means that health information is pervasive yet often hard to locate – residing everywhere and nowhere – and harnessed for a variety of purposes.

Additionally, the sheer volume and variety of health information is overwhelming. Much of the data resides in paper or in the form of many gigabytes of e-mail, faxes, digital images, video, and audio housed in outdated, dedicated systems designed from a particular agency’s operational perspective. This data does not just contain clinical information, but also legal, financial and accounting, human resource, and facility safety and maintenance.

Experience and Expertise

IIS provides proven government health IT solutions, in-depth expertise, and a unique, industry-wide perspective to help governments transform the way they manage and deliver health information. Our focused offerings include:

  • Improving patient care with immediate access to digitize healthcare information
  • Accelerating decision making across organization boundaries
  • Reducing costs and extending the reach of scarce resources
  • Intelligent data and document capture
  • Ease of information access and delivery
  • Improving Management of Business processes
  • Automating storage, retention and archiving
  • Improving citizen communication
  • Ensuring confidentiality, lower risk, and strengthening compliance