With growing pressure on budgets, federal governments seek to capitalize on revenues and efficiency, to reduce costs, without giving up on the quality of public services for citizens. This requires technologies that automates processes, integrates data from numerous sources, and adapts easily to change. IIS helps Governments meet composite service demands from citizens, businesses, and other Federal Administrations by focusing on:

  • Gaining deeper insights into citizens’ needs
  • Increasing participation by stakeholders in policy and delivery
  • Leveraging existing assets (databases, applications, infrastructure, policy, governance) and innovating new ones using analytics and collaboration
  • Understanding administrative bottlenecks and barriers, and identifying solutions to improve public service
  • Experience in providing solutions to public sector in multiple locations helps us understand and leverage widely accepted best-practices and solutions
  • Our experts with extensive experience in design and implementation of effective governance solutions using world-class current and next-generation technologies
  • Deliver end-to-end all-inclusive and integrated solutions to provide software, applications and infrastructure
  • Framework-enabled solutions to help in rapid implementation timelines and reduced lifecycle costs
  • Areas we cover:
    • Digitization of Citizen Services
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Cloud
    • Application Development and Maintenance
    • IT Infrastructure Management
    • Independent Verification and Validation to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, project objectives are being met and efficient resource utilization

IIS ensures Government to combine legislative processes, project oversight, drive organizational change, integrate departments and agencies for faster and more accurate decision-making, and reduce cost of upgrades and developing new systems.