Our EVMS follows all thirty-two (32) guidelines described in the DOD Defense Contract Management Agency’s Earned Value Management Information Guide (EVMIG, dated October 2006) and in the National Defense Industrial Association Program Management Systems Committee’s Earned Value Intent Guide (dated January 2006). IIS has developed and uses a fully functioning EVMS that complies with the 32 criteria of the ANSI/EIA 748 Standard, PMBOK, and other industry standard practices to provide EVM reporting to our customers.

IIS’ EVM processes are integrated into its CMMI Maturity Level 3-appraised project management system and include processes and guidance for managing the business life cycle. Our method ensures adequate planning at each life cycle phase in accordance with our quality and management policies, processes, checklists, templates, and work instructions to produce, revise, and control work products. The principles of CMMI Maturity dictate that all projects must be planned in sufficient detail and that the plan be base-lined, against which progress will be measured constantly. This EVM framework, along with the work product-oriented nature of our process framework, is integrated seamlessly with EVMS methodology. All instructions and policies of the IIS’ EVMS are approved by IIS senior management. The enforcement and viability of the EVMS is facilitated by our quality assurance team through the conduct of regular surveillance of projects.