Enterprise Applications have become the backbone of many organizations across the globe today. IIS’ Enterprise Solutions Testing provides end-to-end standardized services that include advanced automation testing tools, reusable assets such as test cases, and repeatable methodologies for application testing specifically for COTS application landscapes. IIS offers functional and non-functional testing services across the lifecycle of projects involving COTS applications – for implementation, roll outs, upgrades, production support, applying enhancement packs and service packs, test automation, performance evaluation, and verification against agencies’ stated compliance requirements and their security controls.

Delivered by experienced, skilled testers, using advanced automated testing tools, test accelerators, specialized testing processes, and proven testing methodologies, from multiple locations around the world, IIS’ Enterprise Solution Testing helps agencies lower testing costs, and improve the quality and reliability of their applications, which can accelerate their application development cycles. We offer:

  • Projects – This model is suited for clients who are planning for COTS specific projects or upgrading their existing COTS products. These projects typically require end-to-end testing in various test cycles (like Unit Testing, System testing, System integration testing, Regression Testing, Parallel Testing, or User Acceptance Testing). Agencies can also elect to order our optional testing services for Performance Testing, Security Testing and Mobility Testing
  • Run and Maintain engagements – This model is suited for clients who have already implemented COTS products for support of their day to day business operations. It includes testing of on-going customizations, as well as testing COTS product Service Packs, Roll-Up Patch Sets (RUP), Fix Packs, Maintenance Packs, and Enhancement Packs
  • Test Automation – Agencies can choose to assess the current state of their test regression suite and, get our recommendations for automation, toolset selection, automation strategy design, automation framework design, test script development, execution management and reporting. Our keyword-driven framework allows agency business users to develop automation scripts with the help of Excel file inputs; this framework is configurable for commercial and open source tools
  • Enterprise Application Testing Platform – We provide hosted and fully-managed tools and accelerators to support testing, configuration management and data management across multi-vendor environments. Automated tools used by the service cover test management and reporting, test execution, test data management, test data obfuscation and Intelligent object impact analysis