Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the effective integration of applications to support a business process and achieve business results, whether to improve customer service, speed time to market, achieve greater efficiency, or reduce costs.

When change is the only constant, EAI is arguably the best way to support it. IIS understands the impact of changes for clients’ business processes and supporting applications. We know that EAI is a sophisticated answer to complex challenge that requires an experienced, knowledgeable technology partner to get it right.

Our expertise in EAI tools and technologies is unmatched – from our EAI methodology and common connector architectures, to alliances with best-in-class integration software vendors. IIS can help maximize clients’ EAI investments to:

  • Reduce future system integration costs
  • Reduce system architecture complexity
  • Increase implementation speed for new systems
  • Reduce corporate costs
  • Support business priorities

Our EAI services include:

  • EAI launch methodology
  • Integration business case methodology and metrics
  • Common connecter architecture
  • Reusable integration frameworks and adapters
  • Implementation methodology
  • Integration vendor selection methodology