Emerging Technology Testing

Emerging Technology Testing services helps our client’s validate the quality of products and applications in emerging technologies. We provide the following testing services leveraging IIS’ testing methodologies, tools and processes:

  • Big Data and Analytics Testing – include: end-to-end testing of Big Data, Data Warehouse, Master Data Management, Test Data Management, BI, Web Services (SOA), and Data Management. IIS’ Big Data Testing Services help agencies reduce cost of Non Conformance and improve end user satisfaction with better ROI
  • Mobile Testing – IIS’ Mobile Testing provides an end-to-end mobile applications testing solution covering functional, automation, performance and security testing of mobile applications across various platforms, devices and carriers. Mobile Testing helps agencies gain confidence that software applications function as intended with the devices or applications of other participants in the mobility ecosystem
  • Application Modernization Testing – IIS’ Application Modernization Testing service tests modernized applications to help our clients’ digital transformation journeys. We use innovative testing methodologies that align with modernization treatments

Performance Testing Services

IIS’ Performance Testing services provide an end-to-end testing service with the goal of enhanced application performance. Our Performance Testing Services include load testing, stress testing, and endurance testing. We test an application for responsiveness at current and peak loads, to help optimize client’s application environment and meet their defined levels of performance responsiveness of the application.

Our testing services leverage both public cloud services and private cloud for globally distributed load injection. We offer a variety of choices for the load test tools used. Based on client’s requirements for application technology, concurrent load to simulate, and duration of the engagement, IIS proposes the tool that is most suited to meet the technical challenges and addresses the requirements.

IIS also invested in producing an in-house comprehensive performance testing solution that is built leveraging open source tools and the public cloud.

IIS’ credentials and strengths:

  • Trained and career performance test engineers
  • Proven methodology – successful performance testing projects
  • Applications’ specific script accelerators
  • Unique solutions to complex performance testing of applications like thick client, virtual desktops, smart meters, and more
  • Solution packages – tools, licenses, professional services and infrastructure
  • Mature Mobile Application Performance Testing framework