As defense and security establishments, they must provide secure, timely information to large groups of people often in hostile environments to protect national security at home and abroad; and have to cope with the twin challenges of managing increased budgetary pressures and integrate operations with other security agencies to ensure there are no exploitable gaps. At the same time, with a rapidly multiplying threat to environment ranging from low-intensity conflicts to full-blown warfare emphasizes the need for enhanced and comprehensive capabilities. Agencies also require reliable information and increasingly interoperable solutions to support multi-national operations, and maintain and improve mission critical systems in the face of budget pressures and cyber threats.

What IIS Provides

We have been providing solutions to defense and security establishments for over a decade and many of these solutions have involved integration of disparate technologies to create next generation solutions. Advantages by partnering with us include:

  • Understanding the customer’s current and emerging needs
  • Understanding current technologies and the ability to innovate by leveraging frontier technologies
  • Wide range of IT technologies with a proven scalable and global delivery model
  • Comprehensive and complete solution offering localization, customization, internal ownership and collaboration
  • Long-term relation for development, deployment, maintenance and upgrades

Business Value

  • One-stop solution for development, deployment and O&M
  • Complete alignment with and servicing of the fundamental need
  • Shared delivery and ownership model with ownership and strategic control