Modern applications create huge amounts of new data, making it more important than ever to design databases equipped to handle the demands of any amount of information. Our team is comfortable using the third normal form to build relational databases, as well as building denormalized databases such as NoSQL. Our database development takes data migration and data modeling services into consideration, and we implement search optimization functionality using ElasticSearch and Solr. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience allows us to create a database tailored to the needs of the agencies specific information.

IIS has expertise with working on Oracle, MS SQL Server and MS Access databases. Our Database services include: modeling, database development, database administration, stored procedures, triggers, and performance management. The foundation for any good high performance data application is a well-designed data architecture. Our expertise on database design includes specifications, relationships, rules, and procedures which determines how data is stored and how data is accessed by different parts of a system. IIS delivers database systems that are easy to integrate and provides transparent seamless operations.