Most federal agencies struggle with the need to take cost out, simplify operations, and cope with technology obsolescence and scarce resources. Application testing services has its own set of challenges, with the need to test diverse applications with increasingly complex environments that include new technologies. The goal, however, remains the same: verify performance quality, speed application deployment, reduce risks, minimize defect leakage, and reduce total cost of application ownership.

IIS’ variety of services ensures agencies have the most suitable testing capability. These services include Custom Application Testing Services and Enterprise Test Automation.

Custom Application Testing Services

  • Application Functional Testing for conformance with specifications for non-enterprise applications
  • Optional User Experience Testing, Agile Testing, End-to-End Business Process Testing, API Testing, and SOA Testing Services
  • These Services provide an independent Testing capability using our experienced testing staff to serve as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for end-to-end testing service. These services provide scalable right-shore services with standardized tools, frameworks, accelerators, and processes

Enterprise Test Automation Services

  • Develop and implement test automation solutions for use with Custom Application Testing and other testing services
  • Test automation helps clients speed up time to market by and reduce costs
  • IIS’ testing methodology provides a 360-degree view of test automation, with tools that assess the ROI test automation, viable test automation targets and optimization of complex test scenarios
  • IIS’ testing consists of a test automation framework to enable full lifecycle automation testing and reporting through a single interface, helping our clients avoid manual and complex IT processes
  • New technology means changes are coming faster and complexity grows. Moving from manual testing to automated testing will simplify and streamline the process
  • We have proven experience serving the application testing needs of our global customers across industries