IIS’ application portfolio management services enable organizations to continually improve and evolve their application portfolios to address changing business needs and drive long-term value. Through our portfolio management governance framework and services, clients gain:

  • In-depth understanding of each application, including functions, interdependencies, business value, required support skills and more
  • Overarching view of the application portfolio to determine if it is meeting current objectives and to support decisions about its future evolution
  • Clear assessment of costs and risks of the current application portfolio
  • Alignment of business and technology objectives
  • Insight for effectively gauging the scope and impact of making any portfolio changes

Through our portfolio management, issues are identified and recommendations for improvement are made on an ongoing basis to ensure effective application management and optimization that improves performance and meets business objectives.

IIS’ application portfolio management experts assess our clients’ applications and develop metrics to measure their performance based on the clients’ business and technology objectives. Through this, we recommend whether applications should be modernized, re-platformed, migrated, decommissioned, consolidated or replaced.

Our portfolio management includes a solid methodology combined with a domain knowledge to provide:

  • Scalability – To address small, medium, large, and massive portfolios
  • Flexibility and Adaptability – To meet the needs of different federal and local clients
  • Transparency – To ensure accountability and to support ongoing audits
  • Simplicity – To ensure streamlined information collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Supporting tools – To automate information gathering, portfolio analysis, and reporting

Our application portfolio management framework supports a number of key portfolio management services, including:

  • Application Inventory – Inventory of applications across the organization
  • Risk Landscape Assessment – Review and assessment of risks that threaten portfolio sustainability
  • Application Metrics Development – Development of relevant and easy to manage metrics
  • Application Portfolio Assessment – Comprehensive application portfolio assessment
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization – focuses on reducing the overall application footprint and operating costs
  • Application Transformation Roadmap – clear steps for transforming the application portfolio
  • Application Portfolio Management Office – Ongoing governance and project management